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From fashion to healthcare, finance, and consumer packaged goods (CPG), we have done it all.
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Ayiva Consulting Solutions (ACS) is a leading marketing and corporate communications firm. We are a hub for solutions to growth and development that transform people and organisations. These solutions include the development and implementation of marketing, communication strategies, and training. At Ayiva, our ability to help solve clients‘ most complex issues is distinct. We deliver strategy and implementation, from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete.
We are your brand’s secret weapon: a group of multitalented marketers and communicators with the experience and expertise to take your brand to the next level. From fashion to healthcare, finance, and consumer packaged goods (CPG), we have done it all.

Vision & Values

Our Vision is to transform people and organizations by providing relevant, effective, and affordable development and growth solutions delivered at the highest standard of performance.


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Our Services

Whatever your vision, we collaborate closely with you to ensure that your investment delivers value.

End-to-End Marketing Strategies

Effective Communication

We Build Living Brands

Film, Photography and Animation!

Create Memorable Corporate Events

Tailored Strategies for Your Success.

Our relationships are based on trust and are sustained by honesty, transparency, and a never-ending curiosity. We pay close attention to our clients in order to learn, gain insights, and partner with them to solve their business problems.

As supporters of your brand, we will empower your leadership, amplify your strengths, and develop innovative solutions. We are creative renegades. We take risks. We rewrite the rules. We generate bold ideas that challenge conventionally guided approaches.

What Makes Us Different

We are going for GOLD

This is what makes us a force to be reckoned with in the industry and a dependable partner in delivering your solutions. Our people work together to create big, creative, competitive ideas based on actionable customer insights.

Creativity for a Changing World

We work towards client success and sustainability. We are led by business leaders who are innovative, experienced, and strategic. Our efforts result in products and experiences that customers enjoy, as well as enduring purpose-led brands and innovative new businesses. All of our work is collaborative, and we solve critical challenges and seize valuable opportunities together

Talent. Collaboration. Creativity.

Our marketing communications leadership is fostered by the most innovative, collaborative, and diverse talent in the industry. Our people work together to create big creative, competitive ideas based on actionable customer insights. Ayiva Consulting Solutions is a good fit for enterprise brands looking to connect and supercharge the various components of their marketing experience.

Relevance creates growth!

Your success today will depend on how relevant you are to both your customers and employees at any given time. We see around corners by combining industry expertise and analytical precision with ambitious, empathetic creativity. We solve every problem with impactful, scalable, tech-powered ideas that add real value. We simplify by transforming our rigorous inputs into delightful outputs—and valuable human experiences. We see, we solve, and we simplify across industries, countries, and entire businesses to create growth for our clients through relevance.

Customer experience capabilities

We are a purpose-built group of design legends, marketing mavericks, creative masterminds, technology wizards, and data geeks who work together to deliver impactful, scalable, techpowered ideas that create meaningful value. We build the most relevant brands, by harnessing the power of human relationships.

Create A Vision For Transformation

Our approach to growth strategy, proposition, portfolio, customer experience, and culture helps businesses define a vision for transformation that ultimately achieves sustainable competitive advantage.


We are the spark for brands who want to thrive in their industry without making excuses!

Meet the Chief Cheer Leader

Ms. Susan Nsibirwa

Managing Director

"My most important future contribution to others is my time, resources and experiences. Conceptualizing ideas and solutions brings out the best in me. I am a Christian who believes that as a great African, I can influence transformation on our great continent and beyond. I am a Faith Driven Entrepreneur!!‖"